Sep 2019

Sunday Long Weekend we are set to party like its the end of the Millennium as we look back to a time when music moved from the home to the streets as the boombox and walk-man reigned supreme.

The humble cassette came out in 1963 and changed the world until its eventual demise in 2003 at the hands of the C-D. Tonight we are set to honor these 40 years in the best way we know how…. by dancing the night away like there is no tomorrow with everyone from ABBA to ZZ Top, the legends and the one hit wonders will have you hustling, flash-dancing and vogueing across the room.

With our DJs from Roll with it, That 70’s Night, Footloose, and Spice coming together you can expect to hear all your favourite artists from Aretha to Alanis, from B.B to the Boss and from Cher to….well…. an older but somehow younger looking Cher.

Space is limited and tickets are $10 which includes your first drink. or $15 including your first cocktail So get your ticket NOW from the link above as space is limited

Open from 6pm to midnight (kitchen open until 10pm)
Music and dancing from 7pm


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