Espresso Martinifest 3

Apr 2019

So you think you like espresso martinis huh….well all night we are doing $16 espresso martinis and we are doing them in 8 varieties.

* Cherry Chocolate
* Salted Caramel
* Rum and Raisin
* Popcorn
* Coffee and Cigarettes
* White with Sugar
* Tiramisu

as well as a pre-jarred Classic for only $10

The last 2 years have been such a massive hit we thought we couldn’t not bring it back for another festival of espresso.Our chef will be cooking up specials of paella and pinchos for those between drinks snacks.

Try one or try them all – Thursday before the Easter weekend !
you can also vote for your favourite which will be added to our cocktail list and a lucky voter will win an all inclusive dinner for 4 voucher

Entry is Free and we start shaking from 4pm

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